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Then get started at the energy level! Would you like not only to know all the world's spiritual secrets and techniques, but also to be able to use them for yourself? To create wealth literally from nothing, to bring transformation and well being into your life, to experience the meaning of life that lies deep within you? I have experienced all of these things myself, and I'm delighted to offer you these tools, so that you too can bring prosperity, transformation, and joy into your life.


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First of all, a few words about us:

Since 2004, the Reikifriendship  has grown in Germany to more than 1400 members. Where German is spoken, it is synonymous with an innovative, high-quality, cost-effective as well as schedule-friendly entry to the realm of Reiki, energy work, and self coaching. NOW the time has come for Reikifriendship to come to the English speaking countries and people so please check out this site very carefully and don't miss the chance to get your free Reiki here and a literally irresistible offer at the bottom of this page…

Please note: Only HERE, on this web page, can you become a member of the Reikifriendship and learn literally hundreds of Reiki systems for just one symbolic membership fee!

The choice is up to you!


Allow me to briefly introduce myself: My name is Alexander Gottwald. I am 43 years young and live with my partner-in life Pau Hana Fabian in South America (currently in Bolivia),, where just about two years ago (in Uruguay) we experienced the miracle of our son's birth. To see him grow up here, happy and free, fills us with the utmost gratitude. I have spent more than half my life in spiritual work, aspiring to be free and searching for ways to expand human awareness that can be applied to the daily lives of 21st-century westerners. You will find many results of my 20-year journey in the Reikifriendship, which I invite you to discover with me here, on this web page!

All (IS) love,

Alexander Gottwald






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Learn Komyo Kai Reiki – one of the few Reiki systems, that have direct roots in Japan! This is as close to Usui as you can probably get. In seminars this costs at least 200 US$! Get it here 4 free now!




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Do you think it will cost you a lot more time and/or money than you can afford? That it takes many years and costs megabucks to learn all of this?

Well, you're right, and exactly because of that—and to make it possible for you to develop at your own speed—we do things entirely differently in the Reikifriendship.

How would it be if you had hundreds of Reiki systems, energy transformation, and coach-yourself techniques available to you instantly; knowledge that, if learned in weekend courses, would cost you more than $27,000—a very conservative estimate—and take 5 to 10 years of your time?

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Terrific! Then the Reikifriedship is just the thing for you!

  • Do you want to make use of more than 497 Reiki, energy-transformation, and coach-yourself techniques to improve yourself?
  • Do you want to learn when you want, what you want, and with whom you want?
  • Do you want to be able to do all of this at home?
  • Do you want thousands of pages available for download whenever you like?
  • Do you want to participate in online practice groups when YOU have the time and not when some seminar leader has time for you?
  • Do you want to enjoy attunements of the best and purest quality; attunement keys?
  • Do you want to be able to receive support in a secure membership forum?

Good, because you'll get all that and much more if you join the Reikifriendship during this very special offer!


Testimonials  and all in the Reikifriendship included Reiki systems:


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool Since I´m part of the Reikfriendship, a lot  has been changing to the positive. The forum for exchange of experiences and information is absolutely genius.
I´m totally enthusiastic about Alexanders´ Reikifriendship and I can only recommend it to everyone – it really works best and that at a great price!!



Rosemarie von Malek from Bayreuth, Germany, Foreign language correspondence clerk and Reiki teacher




Above the radar
Abundance Flush
Advanced Reiki Master Age Of Aquarius Attunement
Akashic Records
Alcione Radiance Manual
Allowing Abundance Attunement
Amara Omni Guidebook
Amara Spiritual Empowerment
Angel Contact Self Attunement
Angelic Cellular Healing
Angel Light Initiation-1
Angel Reiki for children
Angel Servant Stone
Angels of Heart Empowerment Manual LW
Angel Stone
Animal Reiki Enpowerment
Antahkarana Healing
Anti Cancer Symbol
Anti-Radiation Reiki-1
Aphrodite Shining Star
Archangel Chamuel manual
Archangel Cassiel
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Jophiel
Archangel Raphael
Archangelic Seichim
Ascended Masters
Ascension Reiki
Assiel Attunement LW
Aura Beauty Musik
Aura Beauty Ray Skript
Aura Flush
Auric Field
Aurora Reiki
Avalon – Crown of Success
Awakening of the Guardians
Ayurvedic Reiki
A Wholeness Attunement Manual
Azuriel Attunement LW


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool
It has been a while since I became a member in the Reikifriendship and I would like to sincerely thank you for that. What fascinated me most was that I have encountered a knowledge that otherwise I probably never had gotten to learn. It is really unbelievable how many energy systems, transformation methods, symbols … etc. are included in the Reikifriendship till now and it is getting more and more. This goes far beyond the term “Reiki”. With the Reikifriendship I've got the possibility to "try out" different systems. And if a system isn’t as I imagined, I can put it aside for now and I know that on demand I can fall back on it anytime.
The price for the Reikifriendship is terrifically low, too!!! I don't know how many thousands of Dollar it would cost me if I had to pay for every single attunement. And the best thing ever is that I can repeat the initiation as often as I want to.
Yesterday I called up an attunement into the Ethereal Crystals with your Trinity Attunement Keys and had very lovely experiences. After having felt hardly anything without the keys at former attunements this time with "the Keys" I could feel the energy absolutely clearly in my body. It was as if a warm stream flowed into my feet and they became completely hot (usually they are very cold!) and then the energy spread steadily into the whole body.
I noticed very clearly how at the same time existing blockages were solved. First I saw only colours, then different crystals before my inner eye and partly I had the feeling as if these were put onto my body. Well, that was a completely great experience and today I am going to call up the next attunement with the Trinity Attunement Keys.
It is important for me that I can trust the one who confers the attunement and I absolutely trust you!! Only if I can trust I get a feeling of being protected.
It pleases me much that I can ask you personally for advice anytime if questions emerge, and that you answer them veeery patiently. Besides I always get much information and ideas from the forum. I did not go into action in the forum yet, but I like to browse the contributions of the others. That is very informative.
I think that with the Reikifriendship everyone can expand his or her consciousness, in individual speed and according to desire and mood. Above all, one is in a group of like-minded people and that is for many people very important – especially in the current time. With this in mind I’d like to say once again “THANK YOU” and a big praise for your wonderful Reikifriendship!




Svenja Zörner from Abstatt, Germany, medically certified health consultant and kinesiology therapist



Balance Out Empowerment Self Attunement
Bear Reiki
Beauty Care Argandini
Bedaliel Attunement (Eileen Brooks)
Blue Lotus 1
Blue Lotus 2
Blue Star Celestial Energy 1
Blue Star Celestial Energy Master
Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki
Breath of Life Attunement – Self Attunement
Broken Wing
Building Self Esteem Reiki Manual

Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool

It’s nice to have found you and the Reikifriendship! I´m totally enthusiastic about your attunements with the initiation keys.
First I have recalled Ethereal Crystals. I´ve tried it instantly with different clients and it has worked perfect! Here is a detailed description of my client’s experience with Ethereal Crystals:
With mountain crystal and rose quartz I wanted to send positive energy to a client because she was simply interested in feeling this energy. Although she was surely a little skeptical, the business woman on the next working day felt so well, that this good mood attracted clients; in the afternoon they even returned a second time!
Alexander, I´m really enthusiastic about your attunements!! :-)
I have worked on myself with different stones. Since I got deeper into it, not only I fell better in general, the energies even have a positive effect on my close surrounding, personally as well as in business.
My favorite stone, the rose quartz, always gives me harmony which is very important to me. The old telling of the Romans and Greeks that the gods have brought this stone to humans for love and understanding – I can say its true. But I do not use the stone as material daily application – it is rather the spiritual aspect which since the attunement to Ethereal Crystals has gotten priority. Since I apply the stone mentally, on the body or for example in drinking or bathing water, I feel its building effect here. Even my plants react positively to this energy. By the gentle vibrations of the rose quartz the power of thought and fantasy is vitalized and developed, which is essential for my work.
I´m really very grateful that I can participate in the Reikifriendship, my special thanks go to Alexander Gottwald, who is by my side to support me.

 Birgit Hümmer from Altenkunstadt, Germany, Life consultantknown from radio and TV



Calla Lily Flower Attunement
Celtic Reiki 1
Celtic Reiki 2
Celtic Reiki 3
Celtic Wisdom
Chakra Flush
Chakra Healing Attunements
Chakra Tantra Reiki
Chi Balls
Christic Force
Clear View Energy
Colours of Angels
Companion Angel Empowerment
Concentration Energy Empowerment
Connect with Spirit
Crystal Reiki
Crystalline Living Water Matrix


Learning Reiki in the Reikifriendship - the Online Reikischool Who am I? For you it is important to know that I am a man from Berlin who’s also born in Berlin and who has devoted himself very much to Reiki, energy systems and crystals. I’m a Reiki teacher, I love shamanic work, I am medially talented since my youth and I have since then except for a few temporal interruptions had contact to my spiritual leader. I had the marvelous luck to visit some places and scenes of my past lives and got many insights there which I combined with Runa-Energy. The energies are changing at the moment and new knowledge is mixing itself with old knowledge. For over ten years I have been occupied with rune work and since then I have been working at the material of Runa-Energy. Many of these materials were tested and applied several times. The runes revealed themselves to me often in their own and different way. Energy work is a central topic in my life and it led me to the Reikifriendship. Besides many attunements which time and again open new gates for consciousness, I get new stimulation for energy work from the growing Reikifriendship community. I pay my tribute to a project of that kind.  I’m pleased to see that the Reiki Friendship makes the spread of many wonderful Reiki systems possible. A very pleasant experience in the Reikifriendship is the usage of the Trinity Attunement Keys, a very strong form of attunement, which includes all chakras.
Thank you very much, Alex




Klaus-Dieter Klatte from Berlin, Germany, Reiki teacher and Rune worker



Deep Red
Dental Shakti System
Desire Manifestation Attunement
Diamond Dolphin Vibration – Self Attunement
Diamond of Prosperity TM
Divine Light Reiki-SC
DNA Healing
Dolphin Trilogie Reiki
Dragon Ki Reiki
Dragon Reiki 1&2


Earth Energy Boost
Ease of Being
Eclipse Energy Empowerment
Egyptian Cartouche Cards
Egyptian Cartouche Manual
Egyptian Cartouche 1
Egyptian Cartouche 2
Egyptian Cartouche 3
Egyptian Cartouche 4
Egyptian Pyramid Empowerment
Elemental Reiki
Elenari Healing
Eloa Attunement
Energy and Magic of the Fairies
Energy Cards
Ethereal Crystals 1-9
Etheric Acupuncture
Etheric Assistant
Etheric Cord Flush
Excalibur Reiki


Learn Reik Online in the Reikifriendship- the Online Reiki School

Dear Alex, after approximately two weeks of experiencing the remote attunement offered I can only say:
Your Reikifriendship is a true blessing and after having begun with the system of the ethereal crystals I have to express my most cordial thanks for this possibility to learn by remote attunement.
The attunements are very strong, very intense and the transfer of energy and information usually lasts nearly 30 to 45 minutes. What convinced me most about your work, were the effects of the treatments which other people feel immediately, when they are given Kundalini Reiki.


Dr. Werner Jahn from Munich, Germany, Chemist and alternative practitioner



Fairy Light Ray Key
Fairy Realms Reiki
Fire Serpent Tummo 2
Flame of Universal Love
Fractal Delivery System
Full Presence
Full Spectrum Healing
Full Spectrum Light 1
Full Spectrum Light 3
Full Spectrum Light 2009
Full Spectrum Light 2010
Fusion Reiki


Get initiations online and leran Reiki in the Reikifriendship the Online Reikischool

I am inspired by the Reikifriendship and I would like to thank you from my deepest heart. It is exactly what I looked for and at last I can work to my heart’s content.
I had already received some attunements before, but what I can experience now is gigantic.

The Trinity Attunement Keys are fascinating. The difference is astonishing, especially as I can feel the energy flowing through all chakras and not only through the crown chakra. It feels, as if the whole energy was drawn into your body. Really fascinating.

Thank you, Alexander


Susanne Kudinek from Augsburg, Germany, Business economist and Reiki teacher


God Attunements
God Kundalini Self Attunement
Goddess Baubo
Goddess Lilith
Goddess Ostara Initiation
Golden Triangle
Gold Reiki 1-6
Great Central Sun 2009
Green Light Empowerment
Green Tara Seichim


Leran Usui Reiki online in the Reikifriendship the Online Reiki School With the Reikifriendship you achieved something really enormous. My visit on your homepage and on your discussion board belongs to my daily practice. I am so grateful that you make great attunements and manuals available to us. I have the pleasure to have given many attunements to my own clients. You won't believe it, but my appointment calendar is full with dates for attunements. Every attunement is something special for me and I have the delight/joy to refresh my energies.
The Reikifriendship is such an enrichment for me that I don't want to miss it anymore. I'm enthusiastic about the atmosphere in the forum. People meet me with such a sincere reception. The threads are so instructive and you can live and learn.
To come to the point: your homepage and your forum have class and are stimulating.





Henriette Fürst from Munich, Germany, energy worker, Reikiteacher and life coach



Healing Flushes
Helarias Light
Help for Gaia
Hercules & Amazonia – 1
Holy Grail Energy
Huna Reiki


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool It´s a long story how I got attentive to Reiki and its energy. It began with a treatment by a friend during holidays. Everybody told me I could do it, too, but I did not get to it for a long time. Approximately two years later a Flyer came to my hands, a Reiki teacher from the neighbouring town offered seminars. So I got informed and got my first attunements for the first degree of Usui Reiki on a beautiful weekend. Unfortunately I did not keep the contact to her as I didn`t have enough time. Anyway it was my goal to continue practicing Reiki.
Then again I was lacking the money and so I came to a different online offer, which I really “tried”. But after it I have got no answers to my questions. Also this contact fell asleep, but this time not from my side but from the other. A negative example for what is offered.
Again a time passed and I noticed more and more that the energy was constantly flowing less. Finally I believed that the last initiations did not really take place or that something has gone wrong. Through many questions to friends and their help and advices I was then encouraged to search for a new teacher and I landed here with Alexander. This is my third attempt and I instinctively feel that I´m at the right place here.
For that I thank all heavenly helpers for the guidance, the universe for the knowledge about where I belong and all lovely creatures on my path, who have been active in giving me hope.
Now I work on my blockades, which have been created by the experiences described and I feel very supported here, guided and helped with uncountable tips and advice. First I have taken the Radical Decoupling. That is also supported by everybody in here. The exercises which we do together help me to trust in me, or even better to trust in Reiki and to be able to keep on and therefore I thank everybody in the forum.
Alex, you have fathered something here with the Reikifriendship which is incomparable to anything and the gratefulness of all us is sure for you. It is very astonishing to be here.




Erika Rijke Kung from Soest, Germany, Consultant





Image Reiki
Imara Reiki
Inner Light Reiki
Inner Strength Reiki
Interdimensional Medical Team
Intuition & Enorasis Empowerment
Intuition and Enorasis Empowerment Higher Level
Isis Blue Moon Healing System



Jesus Source 2008


Free Reiki attunement  in the Reikifriendship - The Online Reikishool

The Reikifriendship is really a marvelous thing. I´m especially enthusiastic that I can use attunements at any time pleasant to me and that they can be repeated as often as I want through the initiation keys. In this way for example I can sit down in my meditation chair and instead of giving me Reiki recall an attunement by Alexander for repetition. That purifies my energy channels in a wonderful way. What I appreciate very much in the variety of the Reikifriendship is that every attunement covers a different area of frequencies of vibrations, so that I can purify a different cord of frequencies in me with every new attunement . A very recommendable thing. Thanks.

Günther Gandorfer from Munich, Germany, developer of Shamanic Coaching, company coach at BMW and Reiki teacher



Kaballah Reiki
Karmic Reiki
Karuna Ki
Ki Manna
Koso Rays
Kuan Yin Source 2008
Kundalini Reiki 1-9
Kundalini Reiki 2008


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool With Kundalini Reiki I came to the Reikifriendship. The experiences with the recall of the attunement were phenomenal. From sweat attacks to astral trips there was everything in it.
Then I have recalled Usui Reiki. Also here I have only made positive experiences.
So I can only recommend the Reikifriendship.




Rosemarie Vahle from Papenburg, Germany, one of the most requested life coaches at Questico




Lakshmi Empowerment
Lavender Flame Manual
Lavender Flame Symbols
Lemurian Facilitator
Lemurian Seed Crystals 1
Lemurian Seed Crystals 2
Lighten the Load Reiki
Lightning Reiki
Light Worker Hawk Empowerment
Love Flush
Lunar Light Empowerment


Free Kundalini Reiki Initiation in the Reikifriendship the Online Reiki School I´m again and again very impressed by the Reikifriendship. Every attunement is something very special. I have already had different attunements and have always returned to you.
With you one really notices the energy!
It is warm and strong but also gentle.
One cannot really describe it, simply marvelous.
I´ve also made the experience that in other attunements I have no perceptions … In yours I do!
I get images, sometimes there is like a movie running … it´s simply ingenious!
I´m already looking forward to the next attunement which I´ll surely recall with you again.
For me you´re simply the greatest!
I feel in good hands … that fits, there I stay :))




Martina Dietrich from Bietigheim, Germany, life-consultant



Magic Reiki
Magical Crystal Lightworker Program
Magical Nature Reiki
Ma'heo'o Reiki
Maitri Vihara Reiki
Make A Wish Blessing
Medicine Buddha Reiki
Mental Flush1&2
Meridian Flush1&2
Meridian Flush3-8
Meridian Flush 9&10
Meridian Reiki
Money Freedom Empowerment
Money Reiki
Money Reiki for a New Reality
Moon Reiki
Morning Dew Reiki


Learn online Reiki in the Reikifriendship the Online Reikischool After a certain time of membership in the Reiki Friendship, I have the urge to write a few lines.
I have got to know Alex on the Internet, as certainly many before and after me, too.
I´m a relatively skeptical person and by the time of our first contact I also had a few years of Reiki experience (Usui). Now I was anxious to know how attunements via Internet and then even repeatable with the initiation key should work.
I could at this point describe diverse experiences, but this would be too much so I directly come to the point:
I was positively surprised how the attunement worked. It seemed even stronger to me than a direct attunement. I still “tested” our dear Alex for some time *laugh* to find out if this experience was a non-recurring thing. Far different, EACH of his attunement was an experience of its own.
I had many teachers in several different systems during the last years. I do not judge the person, the teacher himself, but the quality of the attunement, which is always different depending on the system and the pupil.
The final result:
Alex has convinced me that there are also attunement through the distance which are of high quality and that this is valid for all systems which he offers. I have become a member at the very beginning of the Reiki Friendship and thus had the opportunity to take a closer look at most different systems without a financial risk – so I can see which systems fit me and which not. I still know from my beginning in Reiki that from time to time you can get doubts whether one is still connected to the energetic source. One of the advantages of the initiation keys for me is that in such a case I can simply and without complication recall the attunement again and get closer to the sensation of connection.
Dear Alex, thanks a lot for having fathered the Reiki Friendship and especially for keeping it alive!




Andrea Baginski from Bensheim, Germany, gemstone consultant, Reiki teacher, administrator of a Reikiportal


Necari 1
Necari 2
Necari 3
New Energy Healing
New Usui Reiki 1-3
New Usui Reiki Manual


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool

I have already downloaded many scripts from the Reiki Friendship and today I have received two of the attunements. I´m very happy that I have got access to the Reiki Friendship by now.
I´ve completely recalled the attunement in Tachyon Reiki after having proved whether this was ok for me. And as it was ok, I have taken the attunement. Those were very good times. I´m happy when I see that mental work is really “so simple”. In my work until now I feel totally confirmed ! Especially Kundalini Reiki has brought me a lot until now.
Here my first experience to the attunement in Reiki 1: I have coddled myself inviting all of those to the attunement who I felt in my heart – in the name of the trinity, especially Jesus, archangels, beings living in the inner of the earth, fairies and other nature beings, who wanted to participate, FSH, etc. …
As a first impression I felt that it became very light over my head / crown chakra area – I had the sensation that I got a spontaneous visit by one or more angels … I was lying on my couch directly at the big window of our living room with direct light. My pendulum said that the colours which I saw were really expression of the spritual experience and not just a perception of light based on my position … In the most intensive time I saw a very intensive red in front of my eyes – more like a Bourdeaux red – the whole experience did me well.
I had put my hands in a “receiving” position and my chakras on the inside of the hands have become very warm – I felt the radiating warmth without having to touch. After a certain time I pronounced the desire in my heart that I also want to cure my eyes, that means how I look at something, that also shall have curing effect. Immediately I noticed that there was worked on my eyes – with words I can´t describe it. It was a strong experience !
I thought that I would be fit in half an hour, but I fell into a deep sleep or wake sleep, however. Maybe it was a sort of trance. I didn´t even want to get up and simply keep on sleeping. Now at the moment I feel very good and fit.

Thanks, it was wonderful !

Margarete Zängerlein from Freudenberg, Germany, spiritual life-consultant and publisher



OBE Reiki
Octagon Star Tetra Energy
Orb Of Life Instructions
Orgon Life Force Attunement
Original 7 Degree Reiki


Learn online Kundalini Reiki in the Reikifriendship the Online Reikishool Since the end of August I am member of the Reikifriendship and my first skepticism (do I need that – do I use that – is that a high value basis) has transformed into total enthusiasm – I quickly want to mention the reasons for this:




  • Access to a giant choice of Reiki system – Scripts with always new updates !
  • The possibility to first read before deciding for an initiation by own interests !
  • Through the initiation keys you are unbound in time for the attunement (an important factor in our time of today). Although at first I was very critical about the keys, but the positive experiences have convinced me that it works – a flexibility which I now appreciate a lot!
  • In the forum one has contact to many other energy workers and one can effectively interchange about themes, questions and problems – thanks a lot to all actives !

Alex is a competent contact person – one can rely on immediate communication !!
Dear Alex,
The Reikifriendship as well as the forum have been a great idea and have become an important part of my energy work – I want to thank you from the heart for this!

Sandra Eichinger from Ansbach, Germany, physio therapeutist and energy worker



Pain Management Empowerment
Perfect Identity
Planetary Intelligence
Planetary Rays 1LW
Planetary Rays 2LW
Positive People
Primary Source of Life
Protection Healing Orb
Psychic Protection Flame
Psychic Reiki
Pure Bright Energy Empowerment
Purple Light Empowerment
Purple Reiki-Manual


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool A few weeks ago I found the Reikifriendship. I´m very happy to be a part of this unique online Reiki school . I´m positively surprised. The offer is very good and Alexander takes care of his “people” very lovingly and patiently. He is much more than just somebody who sends scripts and that´s it. In the forum there is a friendly and familiar contact. There are no stupid questions, I always get good answers without feeling insufficient.
I can only recommend it to anyone for his personal development.



Lilo Leja-Stein from Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Pediatric nurse





Ra Sheeba
Ra Sheeba Extension – Activating Divine Light
Ra Sheeba Extension – The Inclusion
Ray of Hope Self Attunement
Reflections Reiki
Reiki Level 7+8 Manual
Reiki Level 9 Manual
Reiki Self Attunement Procedur
Releasing Resistance Reiki
Run Valdr Extra Symbols
Run Valdr Manual
Run Valdr Quick Sheet


Free Reiki Attunement in the Reikifriendship - the online Reikischool After getting my attunement to Usui Reiki 3 with Alex in October I was very enthusiastic about it and so I've decided to join the Reikifriendship and I have the urge to report how I´m doing with it.
I really have to say, I find it just amazing all in all!!
In the beginning I didn't know what fascinated me  – the unimaginable variety of the energy systems offered here or to be part of a circle of people who go their way of becoming conscious with love, sensitivity and compassion. I have the feeling that I´m never alone with the great amount of questions that often come up, since we exchange all our experiences in the forum and I soon get answers to my questions!
The amount of Reiki systems offered in the Reikifriendship is really gigantic  and here we can really learn in the Reiki Friendship for the whole of our lifetime. I see all of this as a sort of "distance study”, as I also have the opportunity to become self-employed.
I see a real ease in the use of the initiation keys, which indeed do work (what I really didn't suppose in the beginning) and which allow me to learn at my own speed and whenever I have time, will and the possibility to recall attunements for me. I also experience the Trinity Attunement Keys developed by Alexander as marvelous, that lead to an attunement that is more intense than normal attunements, but pass much more harmonically in body and soul.
On top of it I have the opportunity to only let energies and information reach me, which support my development by using the “Radical Decoupling” developed by Alexander. With this Radical Decoupling I even have the possibility to transcend old attunements in which I have obtained unconscious aspects or limitations in worldview of the Reiki teachers or founders of the corresponding system.




Birgit Siefert from Wiesloch, Germany, sales woman and Reiki teacher 


Sacred Blue Ray
Sacred Breath
Sacred Crystal Ray
Sacred Indigo Ray
Sacred Moon Reiki
Schumann Resonance 2011
Sea Salt Energy
Self Love Reiki
Self Journey AP Higher 7attunements
Seven Rays
7 Rays of Elohim Light – Elohims of the First Light Attunement – Hercules and Amazonia
Sexual Empowerment
Shaman Force Revised
Shaman Force MASTER Revised
Shamanic Energy Healing
Shamanic Empowerments Johan
Shamballa Reiki 1
Shamballa Reiki 2
Shamballa Reiki 3
Shamballa Reiki 4
Shamballa Reiki Extra
Shift Your Energy Empowerment
Silver Violet Flame
Snow White
Snow White Master
Solar Light Empowerment
Spirit Reiki
Star Dust Reiki
Stop Smoking Forever
Subconscious Clearing Empowerment
Success Flush Manual
Synergy Johrei


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool I´m much into what Alex has created with his Reikifriendship. In his forum people have created something that makes it very valuable for all participants.
Not only the lovely exchange of experiences, where anyone can post a request for a distance treatment, even live projects have been established: The telling of fairy tales to be able to apply Bach flowers in a better way, or a group that each Sunday experiments with EFT tapping techniques. Anyone can freely realize himself in a creative way and be sure of the help of the others.
I´m really happy that I´ve found the Reiki Friendship, and a forum where I find it easy to be how I am.




Ute Irene Pham  from Berlin, Germany, martial arts teacher and energy worker



Tachyon Reiki 1-9
Tachyon 2008
Tachyon 2010
Tachyon Source 2008
Tachyon Source 2011
Tanaka San
Templar Degree Manual
Templar Degree Attunements & Symbol
Tera Mai Reiki
Tera Mai Reiki TM
The Magican Empowerment
The Truth Ray Infusion
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Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool

Some time ago I have been told that I should visit your website. There I would have the possibility to be initiated  in anything that I want. I have taken a look and first I was overwhelmed by the offer. And then the initiation keys… How can this work!? A few days ago I wanted to know it! You have explained your great offer of the Reikifriendship to me in closer detail and I could not resist. All my wishes for energy systems of any kind can now be realized. Even if the wallet is not quite full, you can learn here anyway.
The initiation keys works perfectly. While reading the initiation key the energy starts to flow. The attunements themselves are very intense and beautiful. I also like that I can inform myself through all of your classroom documents about how a certain energy system is constructed and how it works.
I´m very grateful to the spiritual world for having me guided to you. Everything that is still missing for my spiritual and transformational knowledge I can find in your online Reiki school and I can learn. Thanks a lot !!!

I wish you a future full of light!
In gratefulness …

Erika Wittich!

Erika Wittich from Röderland, Germany, at work, body painter and energy worker 



Undesirable Pattern Clearing 8LW
Usui Reiki 1
Usui Reiki 2
Usui Reiki 3


Vajra Tummo Reiki 1-4
Violet Flame Reiki


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool I came to Reiki very late, in the beginning of 2001 – by information and talks with my sister. On my birthday 2001 I gave myself an attunement to the first degree of Dr. Usui. One day I spontaneously entered “Reiki” within google and I was surprised about the possibilities that came to light! I didn´t expect how much other possibilities energy work has to offer! Of course I came to Alex’ website. I was especially fascinated by the type of attunement! Especially in my profession with changing work schedules it is difficult to be at certain hours and in the mood for an initiation.
To recall the attunement if one is internally ready for it and not because a date has been made is simply ingenious: On my travel to Egypt in 2005 I have recalled Golden Triangle in the Isis Temple, a very beautiful experience. I have recalled the third part of the dolphin trilogy directly on the beach of the red sea, there were dolphins in sight!! Without the system of Alex these beautiful experiences wouldn´t have been possible !!
Meanwhile I have also given away some attunements from Alex as presents and only got positive feedbacks.
In addition the Rekifriendship fascinated me from the very beginning. The offer of many different systems, the initiation keys and the Trinity Attunement Keys are unique in the Reiki community and for the members of the Reikifriendship a true advantage! As all of the scripts are at hand, you can also inform yourself widely and choose whatever you judge right for your own development!
In addition there are self-coaching systems, especially EFT and the Radical Decoupling! There are regular EFT workshops each Sunday, organized by the forum members! The Radical Decoupling is practiced by many members, who also share their experiences and insights inside the forum!
The forum of the Reikifriendship is a place where the interaction is friendly and helpful, you can feel well and a lovely and friendly contact is cultivated.
Each member brings in his or her experiences and knowledge. Meanwhile there has also been formed a working group which tries out in practice the different forms of energy and wants to work them out to amplify the knowledge and abilities !
The Reikifriendship for me is the best that could have happen to me!




Dietmar Poensgen from Cologne, engine driver



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Yoga Reiki Manual


Zodiac Reiki


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool As an “enlightened and rational thinking person” of today I was sceptical towards esotericism, shamanism, mental cure etc. This basically changed when I was allowed to be guest of a shaman a few years ago, where my former world consisting of logic totally came to vacillate. Afterwards I intensively worked with the gemstone therapy and had an apprenticeship to a gemstone consultant.
Searching for another field of work I found the offer of Alexander on the Internet, which immediately convinced me and I ordered Usui Reiki 1-3. Already the attunement in the first degree was a new and pleasant experience that personally gave me a lot. By this very positive experience I felt encouraged to get the attunement into the second degree shortly afterwards. Also this time a new sensation in me was awakened, which is not explainable with words.
I took one more attunement in the 3rd degree and then joined Alexanders´ Reikifriendship. I cannot be grateful enough to Alexander for having fathered this institution and thus made accessible mental transformation to a wide circle of persons. The offered variety and the documents at hand are simply amazing. To mention is also the corresponding forum in which one can find help if eventually needed and where one can interchange experiences and get new inspirations. In my opinion the Reikifriendship is for any interested person an institution, which is thanks to Alexander worth joining in each relationship.




 Gerhard Burda from Heilbronn, Germany, Gemstone consultant



As we've said, every single one of these techniques, purchased from others who teach such courses, costs 75- to several hundred dollars (and in some cases—Usui Reiki or spiritual alignment, for instance—even a few thousand!). So our average price of about  US$100 – 150 per technique is a rather conservative estimate, to be sure ¦

Naturally, you're asking yourself how much this tremendous bargain is going to cost, right?

Naturally, it doesn't cost any US$ 27,000! No, don't worry ¦

Nor is it US$15,000.

And no, it's not even US$ 2,500 ¦

It's even substantially less than US$1,000.

No, the price is a mere token—one dollar for each Reiki, energy transformation, or coach-yourself technique you receive!

ONLY ONE DOLLAR per included system!!!

And that's not an annual charge. You pay it JUST ONCE!!! There are NO ADDITIONAL COSTS! As a member of the Reikifriendship, you can take as much time as you wish: Except for this one-time application fee, there are definitely no additional fees, membership charges, and the like! Furthermore, you also learn teaching skills and receive certificates for virtually all of the techniques, so that you can teach them at any time and use them to build your own Reiki practice if you want!

What else do I get, once I become a member?

The list of techniques is by no means complete.

No, the Reikifriendship is much more than merely a terrific collection of esoteric knowledge and energetic attunements: The Reikifriendship is an Energetic Online Academy. That means that you can swap ideas with all other Reikifriendship members, participate in practice groups and online training . . . and much more.

With others who offer spiritual coaching, participation in practice groups alone costs $50 every month. Here, it's included!Yoou are free at any time to start your own practice groups or join those of other members to enfance your abilities in whatever Reiki system you might choose!

Online training usually costs in the neighborhood of $130 per month. That adds up to $180 every month—but as a member, you pay nothing. Services worth some $2,000 a year that you get for free!

But that's still not all that the Reikifriendship has to offer:

In order to place in your hands additional powerful tools with which you can help yourself, the following self-coaching techniques are available to you:

  • EFT knocking techniques
  • BSFF
  • Non – violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg
  • Ho'oponopono

Altogether, these four techniques have a value of more than $500 US$, and for you as a member, they are all included at no cost.


Let's quickly summarize what the Reikifriendship holds for you:

Access to initiations, manuals and certificates of 279 systems from Reiki & Energy Work,, a value of more than US$ 27,900

Self-coaching techniques valued at US$ 500 !

Full access to our membership area where you have access 24/7 to practice, ask all your questions and get the answers you need worth US$ 2160/year

Free lifetime updates – all Reiki systems included later, you will get for free!!! In the German sectrion we had years, where over 100 new systems got in! Value: US$ 5,000/year

In total you'll be given access to attunements, manuals and other services as inficated, worth about US$ 35,560 only for your first year!


But as I promised above, we will give you all the contained of Reiki, Energy Work and Self-Coaching for just 1 US$ per system! Everything else is our gift to you, to support your spiritual desire to proceed with your spiritual practice and enhance your skills in Reiki, Energy Work and Self-Coaching! So you truly get all this, worth over US$ 35.500 for a one time application fee of just


Yes, you are never going to pay anything again for your membership! This is your only little investment in your spiritual growth, which helps us keep this Energetic Online Academy alive, a spiritual training portal worth over US$ 35,500!


DealGuardian guarantees this product's money-back policy


Please be aware, that this really low application fee will only be available for a very short period of time! As soon as new systems from the realms of Reiki, Energy Work and Self-Coaching will be included in the membership area of Reikifriendship, this application fee will rise until the new total number of systems has reached again the level of 1 US$/system… So if you become a member right now, you can be sure, you will never ever again pay for new Reiki systems. Anyway, get your place in the Reikifriendship now, because this very low application fee will be rising soon!!!!


Learn Reiki online in the Reikifriendship - The online Reikischool For me the Reikifriendship means a lucky strike. Reikifriendship is far more than getting to know uncountable different Reiki systems. The forum is a wonderful possibility to exchange with others, search and find advice as well as bring in own experiences and perspectives free of hierarchical structures. I alone decide how much I bring myself in and I´m always welcome.




Astrid Glockner from Glashütten, Germany, Diplomated economics translator (FH)



DealGuardian guarantees this product's money-back policy