Reikifriendship - the Online Reikischool founded in 2004
Members from all over the world are learning and practising Reiki, Energy Work and Self-Coaching here
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Welcome to Reikifriendship

 - the Online Reikischool

The Reikifriendship is an Online Reikischool, that was founded in autumn 2004. Since then the Online Reikischool counts more than 400 Reikifriends from all over the world who learn and practice reiki and energy work in the member forum together and at the same time individually in his and her own speed. In the new Reikifriendship member forum, founded in 2005, over 25.000 comments have been already written (in work groups and other areas), so that every member has here both a unique reference guide and the chance to exchange with other people and inform you about reiki and energy work. With justification can be said that the Reikifriendship is the fastest growing reiki portal in the German speaking Internet of the last years. In the Reikifriendship data base members have in the meantime access to more than 270 scripts of different reiki systems and energy work and of course a membership in the online school contains the attunements to all offered Reiki systems.

The Reikifriendship as an Online Reikischool is a member of the Deutscher Reiki Bund e.V, who already accepted the Reikifriendship as Reikischool in 2006. All members of the Reikifriendship enjoy a reduced member's fee of 50% if they want want to join the Deutscher Reiki Bund e.V..

 On the following pages you'll find information about the offer and the background information of the Reikifriendship. New visitors are welcome to enjoy an attunement of your choice as a present, to experience the quality of the attunement keys developed by Alexander Gottwald before you decide to join the Reikifriendship. There is also a free call back service for interested people in the fixed line network from countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France,  Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic.


Here you go for the application for membership for the Reikifriendship. We are pleased if you want to learn Reiki and energy work together with us .

Here you can get a free Reiki initiation.