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Reikifriendship - Radical Decoupling

Why decouple initiations?

Again and again it appeared in the practice of the receipt of now more than 1000 initiations that in some initiations (no matter whether received personally or through the distance) things happen that don't serve the development of each individual to more freedom and independence as an individual soul. For example there are reports that through the Usui Reiki symbols of the second degree channels will be opened that remove energy from the initiated person.

MD Guido Schumacher, also a famous non medical healer and a kinesiologist, proved several times on aura pictures that with the second degree in Usui Reiki a “Reiki dent” emerges. With that information in mind and after some friends' hints the decision was made to create a decoupling that filters individually for every human being the most important energies and information and stops all blocking or even damaging processes (like manipulation through the teacher or withdrawal of energy by a spiritual being).
What is the Radical Decoupling good for?

The Radical Decoupling of initiations helps you by delivering only that energy and information to you which really supports your development. Attention was paid to several different and important points while developing the Radical Decoupling:

  • All aspects of an initiation, that hiddenly steal energy from you, will be neutralized.
  • All ideological restrictions that are willfully or unconsciously built in by the founder of the prevailing Reiki system will be transcended.
  • All attempts of binding you to the teacher or to beings beyond it through an initiation will be eliminated.
  • Your own integrity as a triune and divine being with soul, body and spirit will be reminded of its own re-connection to the origin and this way it will be strengthened.

How does the Radical Decoupling work?

The Radical Decoupling removes all parasitic elements on and in your aura and strengthens your own system of soul, body and spirit so that energetic attacks won't find any starting point or will be reflected back to the prevailing sender. The Radical Decoupling reminds your soul of your always existing re-connection to your true self that exists HERE & NOW beyond involvements.

Can I only decouple initiations with it?

No, the Radical Decoupling can be applied very creatively and widely. You can also dissolve involvements with vows, contracts, magic and many more, if that's your wish.

Do you have any questions concerning the Radical Decoupling? I'm looking forward to your mail!


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