Reikifriendship - the Online Reikischool founded in 2004
Members from all over the world are learning and practising Reiki, Energy Work and Self-Coaching here
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  Reikifreundschaft - die online Reikischule   Reikifriendship - the online Reikischool   Amistad de Reiki - la escuela de Reiki en línea
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Reikifriendship - the Online Reikischool

Reikifriendship – the Online Reikischool, is an accepted member of the Deutscher Reiki Bund e.V. Reikischool Initiations into Reiki Systems available in the Online Reikischool up to now:

Amara Spiritual Empowerment
Angel Servant Stone
Angel Stone
Anti Cancer Symbol
Auric Field
Aurora Reiki
Archangelic Seichim
Ascension Reiki (online Manual)
Awakening of the Guardians
Ayurvedic Reiki

Bear Reiki
Blue Lotus 1
Blue Lotus 2
Blue Star Celestial Energy 1
Blue Star Celestial Energy Master

Celtic Reiki 1
Celtic Reiki 2
Celtic Reiki 3
Celtic Wisdom
Chi Balls
Christic Force
Clear View Energy
Companion Angel Empowerment
Crystal Reiki

Deep Red
DNA Healing
Dragon Ki Reiki
Dragon Reiki 1&2

Ease of Being
Egyptian Cartouche Cards
Egyptian Cartouche Manual
Egyptian Cartouche 1
Egyptian Cartouche 2
Egyptian Cartouche 3
Egyptian Cartouche 4
Egyptian Pyramid Empowerment
Elemental Reiki
Elenari Healing
Energy and Magic of the Fairies
Energy Cards
Ethereal Crystals 1-9
Excalibur Reiki

Fairy Light Ray Key
Fairy Realms Reiki
Flame of Universal Love
Full Spectrum Healing
Full Spectrum Light 1
Full Spectrum Light 3
Fusion Reiki

Golden Triangle
Gold Reiki 1-6
Green Tara Seichim

Helarias Light
Help for Gaia
Holy Grail Energy
Huna Reiki

Imara Reiki
Isis Blue Moon Healing System

Kaballah Reiki
Karmic Reiki
Karuna Ki
Koso Rays
Kundalini Reiki 1-9

Lakshmi Empowerment
Lavender Flame Manual
Lavender Flame Symbols
Lemurian Facilitator
Lemurian Seed Crystals 1
Lemurian Seed Crystals 2
Lightning Reiki

Ma'heo'o Reiki
Maitri Vihara Reiki
Medicine Buddha Reiki
Meridian Flush
Meridian Reiki
Money Reiki
Moon Reiki

Necari 1
Necari 2
Necari 3

OBE Reiki
Orgon Life Force Attunement
Original 7 Degree Reiki

Primary Source of Life
Psychic Protection Flame
Psychic Reiki

Ra Sheeba
Ra Sheeba Extension - Activating Divine Light
Ra Sheeba Extension - The Inclusion
Run Valdr Extra Symbols
Run Valdr Manual
Run Valdr Quick Sheet

Sacred Breath
Sacred Moon Reiki
Seven Rays
Shamanic Energy Healing
Shamballa Reiki 1
Shamballa Reiki 2
Shamballa Reiki 3
Shamballa Reiki 4
Shamballa Reiki Extra
Silver Violet Flame
Snow White
Snow White Master
Solar Light Empowerment
Spirit Reiki

Tachyon Reiki 1-9
Tanaka San
Templar Degree Manual
Templar Degree Attunements & Symbol
Tera Mai Reiki TM
Tiger Reiki

Usui Reiki 1
Usui Reiki 2
Usui Reiki 3

Vajra Tummo Reiki 1-4
Violet Flame Reiki

Wisdom of Merlin

Here you go for the application for membership for the Reikifriendship. We are pleased if you want to learn Reiki and energy work together with us .

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