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Reikifriendship Trinity Attunement Keys

Trinity Attunement Key ©

A while ago I talked with a non-medical practitioner and Reiki teacher about my discontent about the way how most initiations into the majority of Reiki systems are given. I have the clear feeling of unnecessary foreign control and manipulation as the initiations are given over the crone chakra.

In my conception of human the area in that people should work lies between the Root chakra and the Third Eye chakra. If we have straightened out with these six chakras both our downward connection to Mother Earth, Gaia and our upward connection to God, Angels, ascended masters, etc. become very good, because a balanced soul-body-mind-system is an irresistible invitation to pre and trans-individual powers of life, which they don't want to let go.

Between 1998-2002 I held Satsang in the whole german speaking area under the name of Ananda with the blessings of my teacher Isaac Shapiro, an internationally acknowledged Satsang teacher. After that period of time I retired and was allowed to discover a way of self-knowledge, transformation and blessings, that deeply penetrated my whole work.

This work is L+E+B=E!© 

From this work and my training as certificated channel resulted the new deepened and very powerful way of passing on energetic initiations that I offer here under the name Trinity Attunement Keys. With the Trinity Attunement Keys no manipulation of the Crone chakra takes place - instead the three selves (also known as soul, body and mind in our cultural environment) of the Reiki student will be initiated with an exactly predetermined process that is easily to learn.

Concerning the effectiveness of the Trinity Attunement Keys I got the following reaction  from a client of mine:

“I took a close look at the Trinity Attunement Keys. I think that they are really great. The effect is really completely different. I feel the energy during the initiation especially in the front abdominal cavity, at the chakras. First this might feel stronger and a little bit strange, but it isn't. It's funny but I've discovered  that now during a self-treatment I feel the energy in my whole body and this grounds me a lot. The energy even flows through my feet chakras. That's great for me as I'm extremely clairsentient for years and now I can ground myself much better. The self treatment is much deeper and more relaxing, too.”

In the meantime I feel the task in me to pass the Trinity Attunement Keys on also to other people, so that this new powerful way of initiations spreads out far beyond me. This can only be conveyed in personal Trinity Attunement Keys Practitioner seminars. On the first day of these seminars every participant receives a deep initiation into the true self through the soul, body and mind and on the second day the Trinity Attunement Keys ©  will be explained and practiced so that after the weekend every participant is able to pass on initiations with the Trinity Attunement Keys. Any of you who would like to receive such a training and empowerment is welcome to contact me by E-Mail or phone. If you would like to carry out such a seminar in your town and would like to invite me, you're also welcome to let me know.

After an adequate time of practice it is possible in a second seminar to receive the knowledge, how you can attune other people in the use of the Trinity Attunement Keys. This takes place in the Trinity Attunement Keys © Master training.

I've got no initiation from Alexander Gottwald yet and I would like to receive an initiation for free to get to know the offer of the Reikifriendship:

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