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Reikifriendship Usui Reiki Principles of Life

The Reiki Principles
According to Frank Petter's investigations the Reiki Principles were not drawn up by Mikao Usui but by the Japanese emperor Meiji (1868-1912) who defined them among other things also as guideline for his people. Usui just adopted them. As there are so many speculations and moral interpretations around the principles (also called “rules for life”) which partially do not correspond to the japanese culture, I'd like to quote here a version that was directly translated into English by the Japanese Chetna Kobayashi on

Usui Principles  in Japanese

The Usui Principles in Japanese (and English)

  • Dake wa – Just for today.
  • Okolu-na – Don't get angry 
  • Shinpai suna – Don't worry.
  • Kansha shite – Be Grateful.
  • Goo hage me – Work hard.
  • Hito ni shinsetsu ni – Be kind to others.

If you're interested in the correct pronunciation in Japanese, please click here.

You see, Usui Reiki is a method of self development that is not bound to a confession or ideology. If you combine the use of the Reiki energy with the Reiki Principles, you'll achieve amazing results.