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Reikifriendship Usui Reiki second degree Okuden

What is the second Usui Reiki degree?
The second Usui Reiki degree widens your possibilities to work with Reiki with different new tools. You'll be initiated in three powerful symbols, the Cho Ku Rei, the Sei He Ki and the Honsha Ze Shonen.

The Cho Ku Rei strengthens the energy flow and therefore it's often called the power symbol.  Actually it solves blockages in the Navel chakra when used correctly and consequently the Reiki flow naturally increases because the blockages don't “stand in the way”. In this way the energy flow doubles so that with the second degree the time to use Usui Reiki will be halved.   

The Sei He Ki is regarded as the emotional symbol. With this symbol you can work on all emotional themes and transform them for you or your clients.

The Honsha Ze Shonen is also called the mental symbol and offers different possibilities of usage in this area. It enables you to send distance-Reiki, to get a specific access to past or future times etc.

This system is contained in the Reikifriendship.